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With a BCS Consultant

–  99.999% Uptime performance

–  Up to 20% Operational cost savings

–  80% Self-performing

–  23 Data center locations

–  Over 5 million SF under contract

–  Operate 1.3 million SF white space

–  125 MW of data center critical power

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The Silo-Less Data Center

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Single-Source Data Center Operations

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For Data Centers owners who demand efficiency and reliability in the management and operation of their critical facility, BCS is the nation’s only independent data center operator that provides a comprehensive, fully-integrated, single-source solution. BCS enables owners to de-risk their data center operation, giving them the freedom to focus on their core business through its trusted People, proven Processes, leading Performance, and turn-key, Single-Point solution model.

BCS. 80% self-performing. Coast-to-coast.

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