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There are a lot of things to think about when considering getting into the data center market, building a new data center, or repurposing an existing structure into a data center.  For the most part the industry has a pretty good handle on what is needed to make that come to fruition.  One thing that is often forget about during the design/build process is how it will operate afterwards leaving the data center owner and potentially the operator scrambling to identify operational cost savings. 
BCS (FM) has created an opportunity to bring that service into the beginning of the process to ensure “operational” experience is considered while designing and building the data center.  This will, in turn, help the data center run as efficiently as possible from the go-live date optimizing TCO. 


  1. FM Operational Consulting (design/build/commissioning)
  2. FM PEER Reviews (independent review of insource/outsource operations and provide GAP analysis/recommendations)
  3. FM Security & Compliance (review of security & compliance procedures with Gap analysis and recommendations)

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