The Data Center industry has changed very quickly over the past 10 years and is continuing to change due to advancements in technology.  One thing every data center operational leader has in common is the understanding of the lack of qualified staff.  
Over the past three years there have been a number of online TRAINING PROGRAMS pop up which does a great job at covering the basic and general principles of the data center.  
BCS (FM) has created a TRAINING PROGRAM that is site specific and independently certified. We gather data from your specific facility, draw up a training program, and administer it to your teams.  With this site specific knowledge your teams will be able to address problems in a proactive manner and react to problems much faster reducing downtime.  Instead of having to call the OEM vendor to restart the UPS they will have the basic knowledge of being able to operate it themselves saving precious downtime.  

We have several different TRAINING PROGRAMS to choose from:

  1. Complete Training Plan Development
  2. Site Specific Training (onsite or offsite training class)
  3. BCS, BCS+, BCS++, and BCSM Certification

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Facility Management Training

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