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Best-in-Class hardware, connectivity, deployment and IT maintenance.

–  Seamless, custom solutions 

–  Staffed by highly skilled, certified professionals

–  BCS technicians go beyond remote-hands

With a BCS Consultant

Advanced planning, audit and assessment capabilities.

–  Independent, third-party perspective 

–  Over 150 years of operational experience 

–  BCS leasing solution with a range of marketing and sales capabilities

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The Silo-Less Data Center

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Single-Source Data Center Operations

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Protect your investment through manned 24x7x365 security solutions.

–  Site-specific solutions

–  Meet any legal, compliance and governance requirements 

–  Scalable augmentation model

On-site, fully integrated data center operations.

–  Mechanical, electrical and engineering solutions 

–  80% self-performance capability

–  Reliable, efficient and scalable to meet any need

"For us, competitive pricing as well as a comprehensive suite of services was needed, and BCS absolutely got us there. They really feel like they are a part of our organization."
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