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BCS (FM) is an “independent” integrated facility management firm that provides innovative solutions to your critical environments. 

There are many challenges within the industry today; insource vs outsource operations, sale vs lease vs sale/leaseback, optimizing operations, risk vs reward, reducing total cost of ownership, etc.  With that there are many reasons that contribute to the confusion such as: silos between the IT and Facility departments, operational risk due to multiple vendors, margin stacking, etc. 

BCS (FM) has an industry leading and proven model that not only bridges the gap between IT and Facilities but also reduces risk, is more efficient, and cuts margin stacking. 


(7x24 Staffing)

  1. Facility Operators (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
  2. IT Operators (rack, stack, cable, remote hands & eyes)
  3. Physical Security (manned site & security & compliance guidance)

With this single source approach BCS (FM) has consistently seen upwards of a 20% reduction in outsourcing costs to the client and streamlined operations achieving 99.999% uptime. BCS (FM) is committed to providing best in class service and solutions to its clientele.  Don’t take our word for it; we have partnered with Uptime Institute to include an M&O Certification to any critical facility under our management.

Professional Data Facility Management

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