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The data center industry is a unique market full of competition requiring a skilled sales and marketing strategy to be successful.  There is no shortage of brokers, real estate firms, lead generation platforms, etc that can lead to a fairly successful sale of space, power, and technology.  There is also a lot of competition between the ranks in that model; brokers and real estate firms generally manage sales of multiple sites and want to make the most money from the sale.  While this may be successful because “it’s the way it’s always been done” doesn’t mean it’s the best solution.
BCS (FM) has created a model (SMaaS) where we will assign a dedicated sales person(s) to a specific site to sale space, power, technology.  Their responsible and accountable for selling into that dedicated space in accordance with the clients business plan.  This dedicated team will also pull from BCS (FM)’s centralized marketing team to pull together go-to-market strategies and implementation.  
SMaaS brings a new realm of professional sales and marketing experience to the industry.  If you are an Enterprise, Colo, or Cloud data center owner that has unused space and want to maximize revenue let our SMaaS team provide you with professional and accountable sales results.


  1. Dedicated Sales Professional(s)
  2. Centralized Marketing Team
  3. Client Set - Sales Goals & Objectives
  4. Tracking, Reporting, Quota(s), Results

Sales & Marketing

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