Colocation companies who see operations as
a path to increased exposure and visibility, but rely on multiple

Consolidation and operational expertise

Focus on their core business

PE rushing to capitalize on dramatic industry growth and expansion, but unable to provide quick, turn-key operations



With a BCS Consultant

Seamless, customized
solutions deliver efficiency and performance.

–  Rack, stack, cable
–  Remote hands
–  Monitoring and reporting

BCS Solution

Medium and large corporations who seek reliable, scalable  complement to their
core business


Protect your investment through scalable, manned, 7x24x365 security solutions.

–  7x24x365
–  Manned site security
–  Compliance and governance guidance

We feature four solution areas

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The Silo-Less Data Center


Efficient, scalable,
single-source operations

Reliability and efficiency

Investment Firms

Customized to fit any data center owner requirements


IT Services

Physical Security­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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Data Center Providers

Data Center Operations

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Reliable, speed-to-market capability

Lower cost of ownership


Professional Services

Data Center Operations


Go beyond operations
through proprietary training, performance and infrastructure services.

–  Consulting
–  Auditing
–  Training

Reliable, efficient operations solutions – all through one trusted partner. 

–  Engineering
–  Electrical
–  Plumbing

BCS Solutions. Fully integrated operations model.

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Single-Source Data Center Operations